The CBL Scholars Program

Congratulations to the new cohort of CBL Scholars Joanna Chen, Veronica Louise Mendoza and Malik Jefferson!

Check out this article about our fourth cohort of CBL Scholars:


The CBL Scholars Program is a merit award created to develop a new generation of future leaders in business law. The Program provides financial assistance and hands-on academic and professional mentorship to students entering the business law community from disadvantaged educational, economic, social, or physical backgrounds– including, but not limited to, those students enrolled in UC Law SF’s Legal Education Opportunity Program.

To capitalize on the San Francisco Bay Area’s prominence in the technology and venture capital ecosystems, the CBL Scholars Program is initially tailored to students with a demonstrable interest in this space. CBL Scholars have unique internship opportunities and direct access to the extensive network that UC Law SF has among senior legal leaders across these industries.

To realize the promise of the CBL Scholars Program, we need your support!

To step up and support the CBL Scholars Program, please contact:

  1. Scott James
    Member of CBL Advisory Board
    UC Center for Business Law, San Francisco.
    General Counsel Goodwater Capital (UC Law SF ’13)
  2. Evan Epstein
    Executive Director
    UC Center for Business Law, San Francisco.
    (628) 245-7180
  3. Abraham Cable
    Faculty Director
    UC Center for Business Law, San Francisco.
    (415) 565-4853

*You can also make a donation via the following link: MAKE A GIFT TO THE CBL SCHOLARS PROGRAM.

**Gifts made payable to the UC Law SF Foundation are tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)3. The UC Law SF Foundation tax ID number is 23-7135898.

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