Ken Lehman
Class of 1987

Community Bank Developer

Washington D.C.

Ken is a private investor, with a background as a corporate & securities, and banking M&A attorney.  Ken served as an attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission from 1988 through 1992, and in 1993 co-founded the law firm of Luse Lehman Gorman Pomerenk & Schick.  During Ken’s 10 years with Luse Lehman, he and his partners built a prolific national banking M&A practice (which continues to this day under the name Luse Gorman).  Ken retired from Luse Lehman in early 2002 to devote his full time to investing in and developing community banks.

Ken is an angel investor, often purchasing stakes of 40% or more that are considered controlling interests under federal banking law.  Since 2003, federal bank regulators have issued non-objections to Ken’s acquisition of controlling interests in 18 banking institutions, and he currently owns controlling interests of greater than 40% in eight banks whose combined assets exceed $3.3 billion.  Among these are four banks in Georgia, two in Virginia, one in Florida, and one in Maryland.  Ken also maintains a portfolio of smaller community bank investments.  Ken invests exclusively for his own account and not through a fund or corporate entity.  He is not regulated as an investment advisor, investment company, or bank holding company.