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The Center for Business Law aims to build strong connections among alumni, friends of UC Hastings, faculty and students in the pursuit of professional excellence.


We run one of the largest alumni mentorship programs of any law school in the country, taking full advantage of the 20,000 strong Hastings alumni.  Students and alumni should click below to learn more about our program and how to get involved.

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Corporate Counsel Externship Program

UC Hastings’ Corporate Counsel Externship Program provides second and third-year students the opportunity to earn academic credit based on training in corporate counsel offices of for-profit and non-profit companies. The on-site learning helps students build their legal skills and knowledge so they can become practice-ready business attorneys. Students will learn how in-house attorneys collaborate and communicate with the company client, and how they incorporate the client’s unique mission, business, and industry context into their legal advice. Supervising attorneys guide, train, mentor, and provide substantive feedback to the student throughout the semester.

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If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the Center for Business Law, please reach out to our Executive Director, Evan Epstein.

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The Center for Business Law at UC Hastings was founded with the mission of bringing together leading scholars, business leaders, practitioners, regulators and students to engage in the study, teaching and practice of business law at UC Hastings. The Center aims to be the leading business law venue in San Francisco, one of the world’s great centers of commerce, finance and technology.

Gifts to CBL will be directed to support the mission of the Center, particularly to help fund new student oriented programs, events, and fellowship opportunities.

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